Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society, Tsurumi Liquid Ring Pumps

Tsurumi's liquid ring pump is an environment-friendly clean pump that does not use hydraulic oil and is ideal for suction,
exhaust and compression of water vapor, organic solvents, and flammable gases.

We will realize a sustainable society by contributing to various industries such as the electric power, renewable energy, chemical / petrochemical, food, paper manufacturing / pulp, electricity / electronics / semiconductor industries all over the world.

Supporting Industrial Infrastructure with Liquid Ring Pumps and Compressors


Tsurumi’s liquid ring pumps support industry and
our modern way of life.

Tsurumi's liquid ring pumps contribute to communities around the world by supporting industries such as electric power, renewable energy, food processing, electricity, electronics, semiconductors, pulp and paper, and chemicals and petrochemicals.