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Wastewater Pumps

Category Model Pole Discharge Bore
( mm )
Motor Output
( kW )
Wastewater Vortex Impeller PN 2 40 ・ 50 0.25 - 1.5
Wastewater Vortex Impeller PN The PN-series is one of the Tsurumi VANCS-series. Being made of stainless steel and special resin, the pump is not only lightweight but corrosion-resistant as well. The semi-vortex pump design with moderate impeller passage provides efficient performance for versatile applications.
  1. Draining wastewater from residence, hotel, restaurant, etc
  2. Pumping rainwater and springwater from basement
  3. Circulating water in waterscape garden (e.g. waterfall, fountain, koi pond, etc)